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Did you even know it was possible?

This past Friday a remarkable thing happened.  People from all over Fayette County came together. There was fun and laughter, food and drink.  Was this a party?  What would bring all these people together in a little venue in Somerville, Tennessee?

It all went to the dogs...oh and the cats too.

There is a movement going on in one of the largest counties in Tennessee.  This movement is not political, religious, or social.  Its a movement that this county has never seen.  It's a welfare movement for the most unexpected reason.  The Fayette County Community is coming together headed by the leadership of the Friends of Fayette County Animal Shelter ( to help finance the building of a NEW animal shelter. They are charging forward with funraisers like the one they held last Friday at St Philip Catholic Church in Somerville, Tennessee.  With the generosity of all the participants at Trivia Night, FriendsFCAS are $1,100 closer to their $65,000 goal for 2017.

What is next...?

FriendsFCAS is actively organizing fundraising events and opportunities to extend throughout the year.  By going to you will find three upcoming events that will include your pooch.  They will have pictures with the Easter Bunny, an Easter Egg Hunt and a Fast and Furriest 5k run/walk.  They look forward to seeing you and your four-legged buddy.  Be sure to visit Friends of FCAS website to learn more and subscribe for updates.  

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